“If you use power point, then there is no power in your point” – Virender Kapoor

Virender Kapoor is an Indian who wears many hats. An educationist of repute, he was Director of a prestigious management Institute under the Symbiosis umbrella. Having written books on Information System and Telecommunication in the1990’s he shifted his focus towards motivation, Emotional Intelligence, leadership and self help. He has emerged as a leading think tank in human behavior, motivation and success. His name appears with the likes of Thomas Friedman and Dale Carnegie. Most of his books have been translated in several regional and foreign languages.

He covers a wide canvas of human excellence and has authored more than fifteen books in the self help space. His books have influenced people across the world. His recent contributions are, What you can learn from military principles, Speaking the Modi way, Innovation the Einstein way, A wonderful Boss, PQ- How it Matters more than IQ, Winning Instinct and Leadership the Gandhi way. He brought a new concept of lateral thinking through his book Rise of Jugaad.

His most significant and impactful contribution to the society is “life with Values” a value education series for school children from class 1 to 8 published by the largest school books publisher- S Chand

He regularly writes for leading publications like TOI, HT, Economic Times, India Today, Rediff and AIMA

A telecommunication Engineer, Kapoor went to do his master in technology in computer science from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and later did his MA in International Relations and strategic studies. He also did his diploma in Marketing Management.
Some of his important works are

Some of his important works are

  1. “What you can learn from military principles” Bloomsbury
  2. “A wonderful Boss” Bloomsbury
  3. “PQ- Passion Quotient how it matters more than IQ” Bloomsbury
  4. “Winning Instinct- decoding the power within “ Bloomsbury
  5. “12 essential abilities of extraordinary people’” Bloomsbury
  6. “A wonderful wife” Bloomsbury
  7. “Innovation the Einstein way” Rupa Publishers
  8. “Leadership the Gandhi way” Rupa Publishers
  9. “Speaking the Modi way” Rupa Publishers
  10. “Life with Values” School books on Value Education from class 1 to 8 S Chand Publishers
  11. “My Honeymoon with a pinch of salt – Achieving harmony in life” UBS Publishers

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