Virender Kapoor

"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself. - Albert Einstein"

Author's books

My Honeymoon With A Pinch Of Salt

INNOVATIVE WAYS TO ACHIEVE WORK-LIFE BALANCE….. This fascinating book would be yout treasure of a lifetime. My Honeymoon with a Pinch of Salt-takes a path-breaking approach towards work-life balance in today’s hectic, competitive, dog-eat-dog world. It is one of those rare books which convincingly demonstrate how to simplify ones life, yet fulfill one’s ambitions and live life to the fullest. Discover the wisdom which lies within you, to bring peace and harmony in your life. It is contemporary, fast paced, enchanting, realistic, enlightening and capable of transforming people. This book shows that you don’t have to give up the materialistic wourld to be happy-you can find and practice a mid-path which is the key to fulfillment and happiness. It portrays the all-important role of family as an institution and its strenght to overcome a crisis. Children would see their parents and parents will see their very own children in this captivating narrative. It will bless you and change your life forever.

Resilience The Hawking Way

‘I hope to inspire people around the world to look up at the stars and not down at their feet.’ Stephen Hawking faced the gravest odds in life with resilience and an unshakable belief in himself. Diagnosed at the fragile age of twenty-one with a debilitating and life-threatening disease, Hawking established himself as a legend in the field of cosmology. But many wonder how it is possible that a man could achieve immense success in spite of unimaginable suffering. Bestselling author Virender Kapoor shows how Hawking lived his life—an unusually difficult one—to not only achieve remarkable feats as an individual, but also contributed immensely to the discipline of physics and in understanding our unique place in the world. The seventh book in the series, Resilience: The Hawking Way is a must-read for anyone who is highly ambitious and hence, must overcome insurmountable challenges in the journey to achieve their dreams.

Safalta Ka Naya Mantra

This book is about success. The coverage is a fine blend of motivation, attitudes, satisfaction, caring, relationships and emotions, which ultimately lead to success and victory. It is downright practical, can be related to your day-to-day life and put to use right away. The exclusive and unique treatment of emotions and basic human instincts in this book would urge you to work on your strengths and reach that critical mass of good habits that are so crucial for success. More importantly, it would encourage you to identify your weaknesses and work on them.