12 Essential Abilities Of Extraordinary People

Extraordinary people aren’t just born fully formed. They don’t just emerge out of slogans and rhetoric. They work towards making a positive, palpable change. These people are what they are because they wanted to be what they are.

This book isn’t about changing the way you dress or learning to master punctuality – it’s about serious life altering traits which dig deep into your DNA to turn you around as a person. These traits – which Gandhi, Lincoln, Helen Keller, Tendulkar, Tata or Eisenhower had – are viewed as god’s gift. Just because we’re not born with them, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn to become that way.

What You Can Learn From Military Principles

Sun Tzu’s classic The Art of War written circa 500 B.C. discusses broad eternal truths concerning military and political philosophy. These were well adapted by military and business strategists. While Sun Tzu looks at fundamentals, this book examines the principles which define military methods to accomplish an operational task or attain a strategic intent. There is much more one can learn from these hands on military practices which are at the heart of any military campaign.