2020 Planet Reborn

Our planet has been invaded by an invisible enemy, Corona virus, infecting and killing millions across the world sparing nobody.

There is no cure for this highly contagious, galloping virus. Way out is to stay at home- world is in a lockdown mode and more than six billion people have been imprisoned at homes. As time passed, businesses collapsed, hundreds of millions job losses-more than the virus, poverty would kill us.

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" If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself. - Albert Einstein "

It is difficult to tell how we can call a truce with imperceptible enemies- It has a hand of God! It will be a battle for financial survival. The cumulative loss to global GDP from this pandemic could be around 10 trillion dollars and Word GDP could shrink by 3% approximately.

This book is about surviving this calamity. The world survived the great depression of 1929, lasting ten years, so will we. Changing your habits, cutting corners and living a simpler life, being resilient and weathering the storm together is all we need and I will tell you how.


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