World is in transition. Natural resources are depleting while life is becoming tougher by the day. At the same time affluence is making our children softer, less resilient, and unable to handle deprivation- turning into an instant gratification society. As a result children are susceptible to depression and suicide. Rural India still does not have all this. Kids out there are fighting with their back to the wall – challenging the better placed in cities.

Handling good as well as bad people is a part of life which can be learnt only at schools. Even the rich, who can get teachers home, send their children to schools because, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills can be learnt only there.

Children must learn to fight their own battles. Handling criticism and rejection is a part of life. Neither parents nor schools can provide a hundred percent protective environment. You may protect your child now, but what about the rest of his life? Will you go to help him handle a nasty colleague or an impossible boss at work place? What about handling daily pressures of life or problems at home once married?

College students can vote, get a driving license and even get married. And yet parents don’t let go. You are prepared to give your car for them to drive, but don’t let them handle their own problems. How long can you hold the hand of your children? Parents must understand that schools are the best place to learn how to deal with problems and difficulties, which are the most important aspects of emotional intelligence. What good is a great mark sheet if you do not posses these worldly abilities? Handling situations, bouncing back after failure, taking criticism are essential for a happy life. Would you like to make your child a sissy who cannot handle his problems? Doug Flanders says “No parent can child-proof the world. A parent’s job is to world-proof the child”.

According to our proud heritage, Guru is treated like god. But are we doing that today? It is sad to see that parents and society does not even give adequate respect which a teacher deserves. If we can’t pay great salaries at least treat them respectfully and have faith in them. We don’t even appreciate the work load of teachers. Today there is an over monitoring of school environment- by government, parents and media. This must stop if you as parents want schools to perform in the interest of your children. Where do the principals and teachers go? Is there anyone to understand their problems? I am afraid not. What about their self esteem and morale? If parents also don’t cooperate, what do they do? Their freedom is being constantly stifled and this is not in the best interest of the entire society.

The reality is that parents with demanding jobs have little time for their children. As if to compensate, many of them pamper their children. Today surplus income allows them to buy their children expensive clothes and gadgets. Nothing wrong with this. But parents must know where to draw the line and when to say no too. Else you are yourself doing a great disservice to your child. A bit of self denial, handling pressure, anger and human emotions has to be taught by the parents.

Teachers and schools are always the well wishers of students. We want to empower the whole world, let’s empower teachers too. Let them discipline your children for you. Let them do it on your behalf. Outsource this to those who are best at it.

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